This section includes pertinent information for adjunct faculty, including salary schedules, benefits, and other negotiated issues.

Adjunct Salary Schedule, including:
B1 – Adjunct Faculty/Overload Assignments
B2 – Adjunct/Overload Counselor Hourly Rates/185 Days
B3 – Adjunct/Overload Nurse/Librarian Hourly Rates/175 Days
Substitute Rates (pdf file)


When the paycheck stops (pdf)
Unemployment Benefits (pdf file – for summers or other non-contracted semesters)
Employee Service Navigation Guide(pdf)


Medical and Dental Benefits
Adjunct having an assignment of at least .3 FTE and having worked in Los Rios for at least two semesters qualify for medical and dental benefits.
Joint District Medical Insurance( A program in conjunction with the Sierra Community College District whereby adjunct faculty who carry a load of at least .3 FTE in both districts can have their medical/dental insurance costs reduced to zero.


Putting $$ in your Pocket
Slide presentation about the many ways you can put money in your pocket as an adjunct.
Important forms for adjunct faculty.

State Disability Insurance & Paid Family Leave
Information packet


Hiring Preference
After having taught at the same college in the same subject area for either 8 out of 12 semesters or 16 out of 20 semesters with all satisfactory peer evaluations, adjuncts are able to receive hiring preference. This means that an employee is offered the same FTE received on average; but it can be limited to .4 FTE per semester and less if the average FTE is less.


Office Hours
Adjuncts who work at least .2 FTE and submit a designated form by the end of the first week of scheduled classes to the area dean can be paid for an office hour each week.