1. Recognition — Information on the definition of the bargaining unit and its members.
2.  Salaries — Information on stipends and other non-salary schedule compensation, department chairs, employee salary categories, step placement and advancement, and adjunct faculty office hours program.
3.  Fringe Benefits and Retirement — Information on health and dental insurance, disability income protection, health care benefits for retirees, the pre-retirement reduced workload program, and parking expense reimbursement.
4.  Workload — Information on definitions of instructional modes and formula hours, credit for oversize classes, assignments and overload, counselor work day, and adjunct workload.
5.  Assignment of Personnel — Information on reassignments, transfers, layoffs and rehire rights, and faculty scheduling/assignment rights.
6.  Seniority — Information on seniority as applied to lay-off.
7.  Academic Calendar — Information on the obligation of the District to consult with the Federation in the creation of the academic calendar.
8.  Performance Review — Information on the standards and criteria for performance reviews, the probationary, tenured, and adjunct faculty review process.
9.  Leaves With Pay — Information on sick leave and other paid leaves for regular, contract and adjunct faculty, and the various sabbatical leaves available to faculty.
10. Leaves Without Pay — Information on the various unpaid leaves and the application process, benefits and step increases while on unpaid leave.
11. Conference and Travel — Information on reimbursement for expenses   while on authorized travel.
12. Personnel Files — Information on your right to review your personnel file, criteria for placing and removing material from your file.
13. Dispute Resolution — Information on the dispute resolution process, definitions, levels, timelines, and representation.
14. Shared Governance — Information on the District’s shared governance process, the role of the Federation and other district constituencies, meetings, agendas, and communication.
15. Academic Senates — Information on the District obligation to recognize the Academic Senate in certain areas and the right of the Federation to negotiate on bargaining matters for all faculty.
16. Faculty Service Areas and Competencies — Information on definitions of Faculty Service Areas and competencies, to be used only during layoffs.
17. Academic Freedom — Information on the definition of academic freedom, and faculty rights and responsibilities regarding academic freedom.
18. Non-discrimination — Statement on the mutual commitment of the District and the Federation to non-discrimination.
19. Federation Rights — Information on the rights of the Federation to certain information, access to District facilities, meetings with faculty, and the organizational security clause.
20. Management Rights — Information on the rights reserved to management.
21. Work Environment/Safety — Information on safety, safety committees, and the appeal process for resolving disputes on safety issues.
22. No Strike Clause — Statement on the Federation’s commitment to avoid strikes during the duration of the Agreement.
23. Savings Clause Statement on the integrity of the contract when a specific provision of it has been invalidated by a court of law, and the process of renegotiating any invalidated provision.
24. Contracting for Instructional Services —  Information regarding offerings of certain credit instruction through outside contracts (e.g. Sacramento Regional Public Safety Training Center) and District and faculty obligations.
25. Academic Rank  — Information on the various rankings of Los Rios faculty.
26. Educational Technology  — on the use of instructional technology in the classroom, definitions, the role of faculty in any decision to use IT, distance education, and the formation of a Joint Committee on the Impact of Technology.
27. Just Cause  — Information on the District commitment not to discipline faculty without just cause, and the process to be followed in cases of faculty experiencing difficulty in their work performance.
28. Intellectual Property  — Information regarding the definitions, ownership, users, and responsibilities involved in intellectual property.
29. Ratification and Duration  — Information on the effective dates of the agreement and the rights of the parties to renegotiate a new agreement.
  • Appendices A & B  — Explanation of the sources and methods of distribution of funds to the LRCFT bargaining unit
  • Appendix C  — Sample forms
  • Appendix D — Chart of Professional Development Leaves
  • Appendix E — Self-study format: Tenured/Tenure Track faculty
  • Appendix F — Self-study Format: Adjunct Faculty
  • Appendix G — Department Chair Compensation