Potentiality Met Me at the Door of the Convention —By Elvia Macias Perez

Potentiality Met Me at the Door of the Convention


By: Elvia Macias Perez, LRCFT Member from FLC

Upon arriving at the CFT Convention this March, the imposing impression was potentiality!

Simple enough, professionals were gathered all for the causes of Education. I realize we have come to be a bit used to, a bit apathetic to the opportunities that present themselves at having an event where one can listen to, meet, interact and network with other professionals who contain a tool box of “caring” and a bit of courage. One finds others with conviction similar or like ours! What an opportunity!

There is opportunity to go forward, to speak to CA, for one does indeed speak to CA at this Convention. It is the CA that cares and is dedicated to solutions for the state of education. There is fertile opportunity to go forward not as one person, rather to speak to CA representing many of your colleagues.

A radical paradigm of opportunity available here is to become “no one”.  By that I mean, to trade in oneself, one’s title, one’s physical identification because this option is more alluring, more effective, more powerful and more dynamic. It is to become that which is pulsating at the priority of the many we may represent. That is the crude potentiality ready to skyfire. It is vibrant here, waiting to be utilized.

Sometimes, sobering dense issues, challenges, come up to greet us at the doors of these events to trigger us into the utilization of our potential as an organized group in order to make some difference. At minimum one can take a sling at, to begin to chink the ills that require de-formulating – for that resolve which may just begin to save us.

If these words seem to be a silly stroke of altruism, we need to remind ourselves that CFT, specifically for us LRCFT, means we gather, we come together, to unite. We have long committed to our belief that only in uniting can we achieve, and yes we have achieved, we have seen results. We decide what we achieve, how much and at what level. The potentiality is that this opportunity remains in our organization and in the structures where they can awaken. Waiting means it does not even require searching, it is there!

So, we fill in the blanks with the issues brought forward from our colleagues. We move forward in power through each delegate standing in clarity by verifying we each are “no-one”, nothing but who and that which we believe in and represent. And who we represent are many and what we represent must be respected; it will go forward because we say it will; we make it so. The structure is set for us to realize these matters. Perhaps for a moment we merely need to be reminded of this potentiality.

There are difficult, pressing matters awaiting Californians in regard to education:

• Pay Parity

• Safety on Campus

• “String tied” Corporate Monies seducing our colleges

• On-line Education Issues

• Accreditation Fairness

…and more

The vehicle available by which these matters can go forward for resolution and realization is incredible! The vehicle is already structured; it’s there. Ours is but to utilize it. There is no lack of availability for production of results.

I bid you take a look at and evidence this potentiality. It is here. As a member of your educational constituency, you/we know how to communicate and we know how to organize and structure our concerns in a manner effective to the recipient. Lets do it.

To not do is an option. It becomes rancid with each passing day that apathy takes another slice of hope and power from our issues as we become complacent. We recognize this option. From it we function burdened and climate heavy at our work places. Better to tire from the effort than to tire from hopelessness.

Potentiality met me at the door and left with me when the convention was over. It followed me here upon this communication you are reading. I invite you to give these words some thought, contemplate them for our benefit.

Alone, the Self is the antithesis of the “no-one” mentioned above. It is powerless. Yet the Self with others, with our colleagues has no finite measure as to the solutions we may find and bring about. Join me.