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The Union News keeps our members up-to-date of LRCFT activities on their behalf.

January 2018
union news January 2018


Archived Issues

October 2014
Entire Edition (in low resolution for easy downloading)
May 2014
The Corporate Agenda Brings Big Money to Reform Education, Attack Unions and Academic Senates By Dean Murakami
Students Organize and Lead the 14th Annual Cesar Chavez March in Sacramento By Jason Newman
Campus President’s Report (SCC) By Annette Barfield
Progress Update—An Optimistic View of Negotiations By KC Boylan
The Teachers’ Retirement Board Elects Chair and Vice Chair By Ricardo Duran
Let CCSF Get Back to What it Does Best: Teach Students! By Bill Miller
How to Lobby the California Legislature By Bill Miller
The CFT Circus By Dennis Smith
The CFT Convention: Compelling Speeches and Workshops By Dan Crump
Tuition Hikes Lead to A Large Amount of Student Debt By Dyan Pease
My First CFT Convention By Hoyt Fong
Potentiality Met Me at the Door of the Convention By Elvia Macias Perez
Money as Free Speech By John Kloss

November 2013
LRCFT Contract Survey: some concerns and responses By Robert Perrone
And the Walls Come Tumbling Down By Dean Murakami
“Solidarity: Unity Among Individuals with a Common Interest” By KC Boylan
Can the assessment of Student Learning Outcomes be a component of the performance review process? By KC Boylan
On the QT on FB? By Kris Fertel
Confronting the Myths About Tenure and Teachers’ Unions By Anonymous
Coupled for Good Cartoon By Kloss
LRCFT Nomination/Election Results
Kenneth Jackson Lynch

April 2013
Budget & Policy: A Boiling Stew for Community College By Dean Murakami
Prop 30 Passed and Life’s a Peach, right? By Kristine Fertel
Faculty Association of California Community Colleges— Colette Harris-Mathews
Faculty Association of California Community Colleges— Kristine Fertel
From “ACCJC Gone Wild” a downloadable pamphlet By Martin Hittelman
Teacher, Parent, Citizen By Bill Miller
The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and You By Robert Perrone
Corporate Education Reform Hits San Francisco Community College By David Bacon
The Development of Educational Memes By Stephen Ruis
Facebook Cartoon By John Kloss
Guns vs Schools Cartoon By John Kloss

March/April 2012 Issue:
Entire Publication (14.5 MB)
SLO Down 2.0, by Troy Myers
Budget Woes & Initiatives, by Dean Murakami
Staffing Schedule Round I, by Kris Fertel
Ratvitch Rallies, by Linda Sneed
Mike Crowley In Memoriam
Bread & Roses, by Andy Paiscik

December 2011 Issue:
Community Colleges Struggle to be Recognized for our Student’s Success and Funding, By Dean Murikami
College Service and Accountability, By KC Boylan
Rationing Access to Create Student Success, By Kris Fertel
Adjunct Faculty Profiles, By Robert Perrone
In Memoriam, By Robert Perrone
Fact Sheet—Recommendations for Student Failure, By John Rizzo
The Labor of Leaves, By Kris Fertel
Diop Scholars Program, By Teresa Aldredge
How the Union Spends Your Money, By Robert Perrone

October 2011 Issue:
Faculty as Scapegoats, By Dean Murikami
LRCFT Executive Board Member Appointed to Executive Council of CFT, By Linda Sneed
Working Class Organization and Power, By Robert Perrone
Elect Sharon Hendricks for CalSTRS Board, By Robert Perrone
Performance Review Issues, By Kris Fertel
Union Organizing at CRC, By Jason Newman
Chief Negotiator’s Report, By KC Boylan
Shameless Opposition to the Jobs Bill Reveals the GOP’s Deep Hatred of the Working Class, By Carl Davidson
A Brief History of Corporate Whining, By B. Deutsch
Classroom in the (Urban) Dirt, By Robyn Waxman
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May 2011 Issue:
SLO Down
, By Troy Myers and Josh Roberts
For Profit Gravy Train, By Dean Murakami
Chief Negotiators Report, By KC Boylan
Faculty Survey Results, By Robert Perrone
Lessons in Labor Education, By Linda Sneed
Dispute Resolution Report, By Kristine Fertel
CFT Convention, By Colette Harris-Matthews, Sandy Warmington, James Telles, and Dan Crump
CFT’s Everyday Hero Award, By Dennis Smith
Safe Harbor, By Phil Smith

March 2011 Issue:

Preparing for Section Cuts, By Phil Smith
Unprecedented Cuts Demand Faculty Unity, By Dean Murakami
Disruptive Students and Safety Threats, By Kristine Fertel
Chief Negotiator’s Report, By KC Boylan
The Shameful Attack on Public Employees, By Robert Reich
Conference Defends Public Higher Ed, By Linda Sneed
The Next Generation Classroom, An Interview About The City Farm Project

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